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ZX|WLSA School Idol Club

Club Leader: G12 Sigma Tracy 谢心晴

Contact: 18217684621 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Monday

Club Room: Dance room

Club Supervisor: Chelsea Zhao


1) Performance

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

School Idols are a special culture from Japan. The idols are mostly groups of girls or boys, and they convey positive energy and shine on the stage. Lovlive is an anime that describes the story of high school idols, which is very popular both among Japanese and Chinese.

We would like to develop this culture in our school, to bring fantastic shows and to gather students who have same interest with us and carry out activities.

  1. Assemble and carry out rehearsals for performance programs; Including dancing, singing, MC practice and so on.

  2. Discuss Live arrangements, including lighting setup, music setup, show sequencing, props, costumes, etc.

  3. Participate in offline performances. Participate art performances organized by the school, and try to hold our own Live or participate in off-campus Live.

  4. Exchange ideas and opinions about animation culture, and carry out activities together.

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