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ZX|Botany Club

Club Leader: G11 Theta Mei 王虹鸥


Club Day: Thursday

Club Room: Outdoor space

Club Supervisor: Adriana Zuo


1) Post or Poster

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

In our club, we will be mainly discussing some gardening knowledge combined with environmental science and biochem knowledge using experiments. We will make reports about the plants that we plant.

After mid-term, we will make a poster on the knowledge we learned this semester. We will also work with other organizations or clubs to call for people's environmental awareness.

This semester we will learn about Basic botany knowledge, how to compost, the chemistry behind different plants, plant structure, and pest management.

This year we will have 11 weeks of club time.

  1. Talk about basic gardening knowledge, plant seeds, and move seeding into a bigger container

  2. Talk about the theory behind composting and I'll collect club members' waste to compost.

  3. Talk about the theory behind plating different plants together and move all the plants in.

  4. Play a boardgame on biology and gardening

  5. Talk more about interbreeding.

  6. Talk about pest management and the chemicals behind the pesticide.

  7. Talk about the plant structure and start to write the report.

  8. Start to make samples of the plants and do some research about the final poster

  9. Talk about ball plants and start to plant ball plant

  10. Collect seeds from plants and talk about how to reserve it

  11. Finish up the final poster

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