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ZX|Guitar Club

Club Leader: G11 Delta Bryan 武传智,G11 Theta Simon 孙玮骏

Contact: 18021000407 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Club Room: Music Roo

Club Supervisor: Dr. luca Campobianco


1) Performance

2) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

  • 1-2 Week: get to know my club members and introduce them to the intrument of classic guitar including *some basic music theory *how to read a musical score*the fingering symbols on the sheet*background share on the history of classic guitar

  • 2-5 Week: plan practice session for members and work on the basics including *scales*left hand practice*right hand practice*musicality practice

  • 5-10 Week: play some etudes that suits the individual level.

including: Carcassi No.3 ten weeks till the end: a major end-term project. members have to learn to play a major song, Bach's prelude bwv.1007. It requires all members to record a full version of their performance of the prelude.

The final project would be edited into all of the members playing different part of the song. Plus, we could rehearse a song with the members, invite the singing club to collaborate.

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