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ZX|Environment Club

Club Leader: G11 Phi Jennifer 付燕妮


Club Day: No strict schedule, includes weekends

Club Room: Normal

Club Supervisor: Jacqueline


1) Post or Poster

2) Competition

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:


As many of the students at our school are concerned, environment protection is one of the most significant issues that human beings must focus on these days. By preserving the environment and building a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of renewable energy, we are creating a better place for all of us to live in. I would like to propose starting an Environment Club at WLSA Shanghai Academy, as I believe that it will be meaningful to found a student organization in which students gather and work to protect the environment. Together, we will discuss the urgent problems we face on earth and figure out solutions and volunteer to improve the living conditions for the local community.


The Environment Club will help students learn about important environmental issues and our current challenges renewable energy faces (i.e. costs, power, location etc.) in the contemporary world. The club will bring together students who want to contribute to earth protection, and conserve energy; discuss what can be done to preserve the environment, implement sustainable practices that can promote the use of green energy through service projects. The goal of the club is to advocate awareness of environment protection and natural resource preservation among all students, and to make a difference in the local community through frequent volunteering work and education for children.

  1. Weekly lessons: In weekly lessons taught by the officers, students will learn about environmental issues, solutions to environmental problems and relevant scientific knowledge. The lessons will be open to club members. Members are also welcomed to give presentations.

  2. Environmental awareness contest: A contest in which students test their science knowledge relevant to the environment. It will be open to all interested students at school. It will serve as a means to raise awareness of environmental protection. The contest will be held at the end of the school year.

  3. Volunteering: Members will teach earth sciences in local underprivileged elementary schools. They will help kids learn more about the environment and donate relevant books. Volunteering events will take place once a month.

  4. Fundraising event: A charity event for raising funds to donate to environmental charities. The fundraising event will be held twice a year.

  5. Guest speaker events: The officers will invite guest speakers such as teachers to talk about environmental issues. There will be 3 events throughout the year.

  6. Poster-making contest: Members of the club make posters to encourage environmentally-friendly actions. They will be encouraged to make use of their creativity, and there will not be any standards on how to make a poster or how the poster should look like. The posters will be shown to all students at school both on campus and online. Best posters will be selected by students and all students are invited to vote. This will take place once a year.

  7. Tree planting day: Members will gather one day to plant trees at school. All students at school will be invited to participate in the event which both helps protect the environment and makes the campus more lovely and green. We will ask for permission from school first.

  8. TED talk screening: The club officers will screen 3 TED talks: “How Human Noise Affects Ocean Habitats” by Kate Stafford, “Can Clouds Buy Us More Time to Solve Climate Change” by Kate Marvel, and “A Smog Vacuum Cleaner and Other Magical City Designs” by Daan Roosegaarde. Between each screening, there will be a five minutes’ break. Members are encouraged to attend, while all students at school are invited. Refreshments and drinks will be provided.

  9. Environmental awareness week: Members of the club will organize a promotion event and deliver a presentation to fellow students. There will be 5 presentations on how to protect the environment, endangered animals, waste reduction and recycling, pollution and earth’s history respectively, each made by a group of 2 students. Refreshments and drinks will be provided.

  • September – Recruitment, Volunteering, Weekly lessons

  • October – Volunteering, Ted Talk Screening, Fundraising event

  • November – Poster making contest, weekly lessons, volunteering

  • December – Tree planting day, volunteering, weekly lessons, Guest Speaker event

  • January – Guest Speaker Events

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