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ZX|Encore Productions

Club Leader: G11 Eta Nancy 王楠茜

Contact: 13301925673 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Wednesday

Club Room: Dance room6楼体操房

Club Supervisor: Lydia Chen


1) Zine (online megazine)

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

We are WLSA Encore Productions. We aim to rehearse for a whole year for preparation for next year's official performance of WLSA Hamilton.

**The CCA in Baoshan is related to us, and they've contacted with the official email, pleeeease let them use the dance room on Wednesday too if possible, thanks!!!

Our troupe has begun our preparation since June, below is our general timeline:

6.20 Audition

7.1 Summer Rehearsal

9.15 Offline Rehearsal June 2024 Performance

During offline rehearsals, we will finish rehearsing 35 songs among 44 songs in the musical Hamilton, including:

  1. Alexander Hamilton

  2. Satisfied

  3. The Room where It Happens

  4. Guns and Ships

  5. Schuyler Defeated

  6. Aaron Burr

  7. My Shot

  8. History Has Its Eyes on You

  9. Cabinet Battle #2

  10. The Schyler Sisters

  11. Farmer Refuted

  12. Yorktown

  13. Washington on Your Side

  14. One Last Time

  15. What Comes Next?

  16. You'll be back

  17. Dear Theodosia

  18. The Adams Administration

  19. Right Hand Man

  20. Non-Stop

  21. We Know

  22. A Winer's Ball

  23. Take a Break

  24. Hurricane

  25. Helpless

  26. Say No to This

  27. The Reynolds Pamphlet

  28. Burn

  29. It's Quiet Uptown

  30. The Election of 1800

  31. Your Obedient Servant

  32. Best of Wives and Best of Women

  33. The World Was Wide Enough

  34. Who Lives. Who Dies. Who Tells Your Story

We will also rehearse on every Friday afternoon. Then, 15 students from Baoshan will come and join us. Our rehearsal will start from September 8, and we will finish “Alexander Hamilton” on that day. Plans for other songs will be set during our rehearsals.

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