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BS | Frisbee club

Club Leader: G10 Phi Lucy 沈亦儒

Contact: 13127900780 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Wednesday

Club Room: Outdoor space (Football field and gym)

Club Supervisor: Ms. Shuang Wang 王双


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2) Competition

3) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Frisbee club weekly plan

(Skater hops, shuffles, and short shuttles will be done for warm-up every week.)

Week 4 9/20 -Get familiar with backhand skills -develop a general idea of a frisbee game -three person drill -introduce the spirit of frisbee -learn basic rules through the game

Week 5 9/27 -Practice backhand skills -speed and agility work -two person drill -game

Week 6 10/4 -lateral movement training -core stability exercises -speed and agility work -game

Week 7 10/11 -Lateral movement training - introduce horizontal stack

Week 8 10/ 18 -core stability exercises -practice horizontal stack

Week 9 10/25 -lateral movement training -practice horizontal stack

Week 10 11/1 -hip rotation drill -deep cut technique -practice horizontal stack

Week 11 11/8 - deep cut technique -hip rotation with shadow defending -Triangle defense drill

Week 12 11/15 -1 to 1 defense -triangle defense drill -horizontal stack

Week 13 11/22 - Introduce forehand skills -horizontal stack -hip rotation drill

Week 14 11/29 -triangle defense drill -game -forehand skills -run and catch drill

Week 15 12/6 -run and catch drill -forehand skills -vertical stack

Week 16 12/13 -vertical stack -outside in -four person drill -forehand skills

Week 17 12/20 -vertical stack -forehand skills -outside in - four person drill

Week 18 12/27 -vertical stack -inside out -huck precision

Week 19 1/3 -layout practice -zone offense -huck precision

Week 20 1/10 -Huck precision -3 person drill -zone offense Week 21 1/17 -game -hammer

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