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BS | Entrepreneurs for Social Changes

Club Leader: G10 Omega Sophia 傅稚然


Club Day: Wednesday, Thursday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Ms.Pang Yan


1) Competition

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Entrepreneurship Club at WLSA Purpose of the Club Looking through the list of major clubs at top universities in the US, one could find entrepreneurship club/association has been in the spotlight of American school culture and business schools.

Entrepreneurship Club at WLSA aims to provide a conduit by which high school students can learn more aspects of business, access relevant entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs, and share ideas to offer more practical entrepreneurial suggestions to solve social issues.

Our club fosters creative thinking among the student body at WLSA. Our mission is to provide a pool of resources for student entrepreneurs to pursue ventures during their high school years, meet business professionals, and compete in international entrepreneurship contests, helping them stand out during the application process for their pre-business career path.

We are a tight network of students interested in technology, design, and entrepreneurship that generate social changes and impacts.

Monthly Plans

Month 1 “Connect”

Week 1 Meet passionate students interested in entrepreneurship

Week 2 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 101

a. The history of entrepreneurship

b. What is entrepreneurship now as an academic subject?

c. US colleges and entrepreneurship

Week 3 Cases of Entrepreneur Part 1 (Technology-oriented firms Facebook & Tesla) Week 4 Cases of Entrepreneur Part 2 (Social Entrepreneurship TOMS & Our Planet)

Month 2 “Create”-Build Your Own Business Plan

Week 1 How to come up with a business idea - Babson’s Empathy Journey

Week 2 Basics to Entrepreneurship - Five Steps

Week 3 What is a Business Plan? What should be included in the Business Plan?

Week 4 Group Project - Your own entrepreneurship project

Month 3 “Mock Pitch” – Meet with Real Investors

Week 1 What is a Pitch? Sell your idea in 3 minutes

Week 2 Mock Pitch Presentation

Week 3 A Guest Lecture from A VC Investor

Week 4 Pitch with Real Investors

Month 4 “Compete” - Resources for Entrepreneurship Contests

Week 1 A Introduction to all entrepreneurship contests

Week 2 Delve deeper into FBLA (the entrepreneurship category)

Week 3 Delve deeper into MEC (the entrepreneurship contest hosted by Columbia) Week 4 Group up for contests next year!

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