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BS|Chinese Dance

Club Leader: G10 Omega Sophia 傅稚然


Club Day: Thursday

Club Room: Dance room

Club Supervisor: Ms.Jasmine Sun


1) Performance

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:


To promote the rich cultural heritage of Chinese dance and provide a platform for students to explore and express their passion for this art form.

Weekly Plan

Week 1

  • Conduct initial interest meeting to gauge student enthusiasm and recruit potential members. Introduce the objectives and vision of the Chinese Dance Club.

  • Organize an ice-breaking session to foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Week 2

  • Begin weekly dance rehearsals, focusing on basic techniques and movements.

  • Assign choreographers to create short routines for future performances.

  • Discuss and finalize the club's name, logo, and other branding elements.

Week 3

  • Continue dance rehearsals, gradually progressing to more advanced choreography.

  • Conduct workshops or invite guest instructors to provide cultural insights and teach traditional dance styles.

  • Start planning for future performances or events.

Week 4

  • Engage in team-building activities to strengthen bonds and enhance group dynamics.

  • Conduct individual auditions (if applicable) to assign specific roles and responsibilities within the club.

  • Collaborate with other cultural clubs or organizations for potential joint events or performances.

Monthly Plan

Month 1

  • Host a cultural showcase event to introduce the Chinese Dance Club to the broader school community.

  • Participate in multicultural events or festivals to showcase the beauty and diversity of Chinese dance.

  • Begin exploring opportunities for collaborations with other dance clubs or local community organizations.

Month 2

  • Organize a workshop or masterclass with a professional Chinese dance instructor to further enhance members' skills.

  • Plan and prepare for a major performance or recital, incorporating various traditional and contemporary dance forms.

  • Initiate fundraising activities to support the club's future endeavors and costume expenses.

Month 3

  • Perform at school functions, such as talent shows, cultural nights, or assemblies.

  • Collaborate with the drama or music clubs for interdisciplinary performances.

  • Conduct outreach programs to local schools or community centers to share the beauty of Chinese dance.

Month 4

  • Host an end-of-year showcase to celebrate the achievements and progress of the Chinese Dance Club.

  • Reflect on the club's journey and gather feedback from members for future improvements.

  • Plan for the next academic year, including leadership transitions and recruitment strategies.


By following this comprehensive weekly and monthly plan, the Chinese Dance Club will establish itself as a prominent cultural organization within the school. Through regular rehearsals, performances, workshops, and collaborations, members will have the opportunity to showcase their skills, nurture their passion for Chinese dance, and contribute to the cultural diversity of the school community. Our Chinese dance club may not have a particularly large number of people, but group dancing is usually easier to line up with six to eight people and looks much more beautiful.

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