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BS | Business Analysis and Commercial Negotiation Club

Club Leader: G10 Kevin Li 李锴文


Club Day: Wednesday/Thursday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Cynthia Gong


1) Video

2) Recorded negotiation videos

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

The courses involve various business negotiation activities and practice in different situations, helping students to develop the ability to use negotiation skills and strategies, as well as apply them to the competitive negotiation they will face soon - university application. For students who plan to apply to law, management, business, international relations, international policy, PPE, and other majors and want to improve their logical thinking, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities, this skill is essential. The sooner it is acquired, the more time to improve it.

Negotiation Workshop

· Basic negotiation concepts, categories, aspects and different communication styles

· Negotiation skills and case studies · Lectures and seminars with discussion · Help acquire skills for successful negotiation


· Different topics to practice (e.g. cross-border negotiation and multi-variable negotiation)

· Enhance holistic awareness and teamwork skills · Prepare for competition


· Applying experience sharing from successful Cambridge University applicant

· Help students to prepare for top universities application


· Enhance students' practical skills

· Develop students' analytical skills and flexibility


First class: l Inauguration Ceremony l Introduction to Negotiations & Oranges Game l Positional Bargaining&Anchoring Exercise Second class: l Red Blue Game l Emotions in Negotiations l Dealing with Difficult Parties l Active Listening Third class: l Basics of Contracts Law l Diamond Exercise and Creative Solutions l Cognitive Aspects of Negotiating Fourth class: l Commercial Awareness l Practical Exercises on Team Work l Planning Negotiations Fifth class: l Cross Boarder Negotiations l Multi Party Negotiations l Multi Party Theory Sixth class: l Phrasing & Public Speaking l Planning a Negotiation l Release Negotiation Briefs Seven/eighth class(depending on time): l Group negotiation competitions l Releasing semi-final briefs Ninth class: l Semi-finals l Releasing final briefs Tenth class: l Final negotiation competition l Closing Ceremony & Awards

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