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BS|Baking Club

Club Leader: G10 Phi Sofia 孟乙琦

Club Day: Tuesday

Club Room: 七立方选修教室1

Club Supervisor: Jaime


1) Post or Poster

2) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

*Baoshan baking club is a branch of the Zhengxi main baking club.

We will

  • make food once a month (on the first week)

  • find articles and summarize scientific knowledge that is related to the food we made the first week

  • write a post (including our baking diary and the popularization of food knowledge).

For holidays like Halloween and Christmas, we are considering to make cookies for the whole school (if possible, sell at a low price)


9/ SEP.

butter cookies: fat distribution (why lard are for steam rice and butter are for cakes?)

10/ OCT.

Oreo Protein Biscuits: principles of protein beating and why sugar is necessary - Halloween: finger cookies

11/ NOV.

toast: yeast action/biocatalysts

12/ DEC.

Basque: Classification of cheese and how it is made

Christmas: gingerbread man

1/ JAN.

Buttercream: Vegetable vs. Animal Cream & The Dangers of Trans Fatty Acids Other science points to research about if we have time: gluten-free, vitamins, anti-cancer food (healthy food)

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