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Club Leader: G11 Sigma Elma Liu


Club Day: Wednesday, online

Club Room: normal room that can start a small meeting

Club Supervisor: Wade Hua


1) Post or Poster

2) Provide peer tutoring with the Student Union

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:


We are WQARC (nickname: Pigeon Coop!), WLSA’s most (un)mysterious club. Our full name is “WLSA Q&A/Research Community”, and we’re a multi-subject academic community with the aim of academic improvement for everyone.

Our club includes first-hand experience in academics. This includes

  • making study guides for the core subjects (we have examples from last year on our website)

  • gathering new info that may affect our academic studies and presenting them to the public (such as what we did with ChatGPT last year)

  • periodically update our site,

Time Schedule

For the first meeting, we will find out which subjects to make study guides about. They usually come in the form of mind maps. The subjects we choose are usually the subjects everyone has to study (such as Calculus BC).

From then on, our time will be dedicated to collaborative editing on Miro. The site allows editing online anytime, therefore our schedule will not be entirely confined to one day. Our study guides will update simultaneously with course progress.

We usually are the busiest around the best and worst time of the semester (test week), where we present everything in the main Dingtalk chat, just like last year.


Apart from that, we will collab with the Student Union, including joining peer tutoring, publishing our projects on their Academics Bot and so on. Within the club itself, we can also ask and answer questions. This is a reason why everyone, instead of those who excel in academics, are welcome. WQARC is the safe haven after a long day of studying where people can state their worries about academics or just spend time joking around and chatting together.

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