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ZX|WLSA American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Club:Signvox

Club Leader: G11 Eta Fiona 吴思睿

Contact: 13661909956 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Wednesday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Richard John Loria


1) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

----学习一些基础的ASL(Sharing Personal Background,Discussing and describing locations,Expressing wants/needs,Asking about Marital Status and Family,Number Skilled,Grammatical and technical skills)

----了解聋哑文化(American Deaf History,Deaf Cultural Context/Etiquette,Audism,Deaf Gain.....)

----周末可以一起去采访聋哑人士/家属/专家,听他们分享故事然后分享到平台上(无声咖啡店,University of Pennsylvania ASL Program Director.......)


  • 9/20 自我介绍,社团安排介绍,学习手语24字母+用手语自我介绍,国际手语日介绍

  • (9/23) 9/27 复习手语24字母+American Deaf History/Historical background and experiences of American Deaf communities

  • 10/11 name practice+ number (1-10)+Deaf Cultural Context/Etiquette

  • 10/18 (number(2-20)+colorASL/Deaf Myths

  • 10/25 describe cloth/describe people Representations of Deaf people in Popular Culture

  • 11/15 Leisure Activities,Audism

  • 11/22 Cardinal Numbers

  • 20-29; Describing 3 Types of Shapes,Hearing Privilege

  • 11/29 Telling Where One Lives; Giving Commands, Locations,Deaf Gain

  • 12/6 Cardinal Numbers 30-66; Talking about Roommates and Pets; Giving Basic Directions/Expressing Needs,Models of Innovation and Collaboration

  • 12/13 Fingerspelling; Telling How Long; Traveling to School or Work ,review,Sociolinguistic Variation,Black ASL

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