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ZX|Sparkling 女性杂志社

Club Leader: G11 Kappa Jessica 刘嘉琪 ,G11 Delta Athena 周思睿

Contact: 19121389095 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Wednesday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Jerry Wang


1) Zine (online megazine)

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:


This semester, our club will be upgraded to a periodical office, mainly focusing on the publication of female “zine”. Different from Magzine, Zine production is casual, simple, interesting and highly ornamental, combining with creative collages.

We plan to set up a zine rack in the school, update and produce a zine every two months or every month, and share it with all students. In this way, we hope that

  • Members participating in our CCA can have specific and meaningful outcomes

Club Plan

From September May to September 17

  • the theme of the first zine was finalized

From September 18th to October 18th

  • the first zine was produced, and interesting topics were selected in the first zine and discussed in a column on our social media

October 18 -Midterm exam November 7

  • The first zine will be released on campus

From November 15th to December 15th

  • the theme of the second zine was finalized and produced

  • The second zine was released on campus from December 15 to January 3

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