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Club Leader: G11 Eta Joy 朱音景文, Jess 姜昀彤, Thomas 张刘书涯

Contact: 13682525676 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Monday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Jerry Wang


1) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:


  • On-campus interview(增加学生环保意识) 采访学生对环保的看法以及是否在日常生活中实践 Major activities(each activity will last approximately a month)

  • Trasion show Students will be using waste to design stylistic clothing October

  • Poetry Booklet(theme: rebirth) 制作再生纸,利用旧报纸中的句子进行制作拼贴诗集 November

  • Recycling BOOK/ART EXHIBITION: 1)回收旧书籍进行义卖,用收到的钱购置画板等用具。 2)用废弃物品进行创作,在画展中展出 December

  • Hazardous waste degradation -Mercury 体温计 -蓄电池 -过期药物 -照片底片 时间未定: WANDERING ANIMALS EATING platform 回收可利用的厨余垃圾 在校外为流浪的动物提供食物(? Long-term activities: 1)routinely lecture 2)定期在公众号以及社团website上post最新活动成果 3)学期结束前以杂志的形式展出所有的活动

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