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ZX|Nutrients and Food Science

Club Leader: G11 Phi Aurora 陈欣怡


Club Day: Tuesday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Jacqueline 杨晴洁


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2) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Our club will focus this semester on the relationship between dietary intake and different diseases, the way labels behind snacks are interpreted, and the relationship between diet and the environment.


The club has three main goals in this semester.

  • The first one is to operate the public account and publish the posts of the public account once every two weeks. The public account mainly focuses on the analysis and introduction of diet treatment programs for different diseases, their pathogenesis and details.

  • The second is to explain HOSA and other competitions related to nutrition knowledge, enrich students' cognition.

  • The third is to work with other associations, such as the Environment Club, to promote the theme of having healthy diets for environmental protection.


Activities of the Week 1:

  • introducing the club's semester plan, assigning the task of writing the public account, and icebreaking activities (including snack sharing, etc.)

Activities of Week 2:

  • An introduction to asthma disease, including its causes, mechanisms of occurrence, and an analysis of the nutrients and recommended food intake mentioned in a literature on asthma.

Activities of Week 3:

  • Explain the recommended dietary intake for asthma for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including the details of the specific intake, the amount of intake, and when. -- And compile a public account tweet about asthma ahead of next week's event.

Activities of Week 4:

  • Snack session, label analysis for Lay's Potato chips, and introduction of Cronometer, which helps everyone analyze the recommended intake of specific macronutrients and micronutrients. -- While compiling a public account tweet about the hashtag analysis behind potato chips ahead of next week's event.

Activities of the Week 5:

  • Explain the causes and mechanisms of diabetes, introduce the status of diabetes and obesity symptoms in the United States, and analyze the nutritional elements and food intake required for diabetes.

Activities of Week 6:

  • Detailed explanation of dietary intake and analysis for diabetes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. - Complete a public account tweet about diabetes before next week's event.

Activities of Week 7:

  • Snack session, analyzing the meaning of the labels behind carbonated beverages such as "Sprite" or "Cola" and matching these labels to macronutrients and micronutrients.

Activities of Week 8:

  • Introducing the competition, explaining and analyzing the key points of the nutrition-related competition, and answering questions. -- Before next week's event, complete the soft drinks analysis of the public account tweet.

Activities of Week 9:

  • Analysis of the mechanism of cardiovascular diseases, treatment methods, and analysis of the nutritional elements and recommended dietary intake patterns for cardiovascular diseases in a literature.

Activity of Week 10:

  • List in detail the recommended dietary intake for cardiovascular disease for breakfast, lunch and dinner. -- Complete your public account tweets on cardiovascular disease before next week's event.

Activity of Week 11:

  • Snack meeting, analysis of the nutritional content and label of baked small cakes in the market. Match both macro and micronutrient elements.

Activities of Week 12:

  • Explain the knowledge points of the competition, analyze and connect the knowledge points of nutrition. -- Complete a baked cake tweet before next week's event.

Activities of Week 13:

  • including the summary of the semester and the collection of feelings and sentiments. -- Finished writing a summary tweet of the semester.

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