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ZX|Montage Film Club

Club Leader: G10 Gamma Helen洪子涵, Jayden 陈奕杉, G10 Eta Jerry 翟睿

Contact: 13162278977 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Monday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Amy Wang


1) Post or Poster

2) Speech

3) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Our main goal is to set up social media accounts, and mainly run with videoing WLSA life from students’ perspectives. For example, we have various activities in school, and we can record them to make videos, then post on social media apps like YouTube. It won’t be so official like a school running account, but showing the diversity of the school, and publicizing the school life and culture of WSA.

We plan to make a video every month or every two weeks, the theme is dynamic and variable, we will listen to students’ opinions.

Besides the accounts, we may cooperate with other clubs, such as anime club, they draw and we do the editing job. We can also make videos for school teams, from a participant’s perspective instead being so official and mature.

Regarding to a more specific plan, we intend to separate a month into a 2week-2week schedule. But for the first two weeks, considering the freshmen who had never learned editing, we will teach some basic editing skills and try to make them skillful when using editing apps like Jianying, and ask them to make a very brief video to present their editing proficiency.

Besides, there will be a brief introduction and icebreaking games on the first class, and I think it's essential to let the participants know each others. Starting from the third week, we will go out of the classroom and film some materials to edit, the theme will be discussed online so that we won’t waste time to discuss the theme offline, and the materials will be used to edit on the following class.

We’ll try to make it efficient, and post a video on the account every two weeks.

Thus, our first video will be post at the end of the September according to our plan.

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