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ZX|Biochem Experiments Club

Club Leader: G11 Theta Susie 冯书淳

Club Day: Monday

Club Room: Lab

Club Supervisor: Jerry Wang


1) Website

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Our club will conduct experiments every two weeks.

  1. In the first week, all members will be conducting an experiment.

  2. In the next week, members will perform different task based on their different groups. Club members are divided into three groups, one being the experiment group, one as propagandistic group, the other as website group.

  • Members from experiment groups are responsible to conclude and reflect on the experiments, writing lab reports.

  • The propagandistic group will be mainly focusing on editing and polishing the lab reports and other relative text editing processes. They will also be in charge of recording the experiment in video or photo form.

  • The website group focuses on designing the website, posting up articles edited by propagandistic group. This is our website:

Here are the experiments we will be conducting in this semester:

Flame test

Materials: Match, beaker, Petri dish, spray gun, Ba Cu Na Mg Fe C metal

Steps: Place the different metals in a ceramic crucible Ignite different metals in the ceramic crucible, observe the color of their combustion and make a record

Fake knife wounds

Materials: Beaker, stirring stick, spoon, FeCl3 ferric chloride, distilled water, dilute hydrochloric acid, potassium thiocyanate, cotton swab, ruler

Steps: Put ferric chloride in one beaker, dissolve in water and add some dilute hydrochloric acid to prevent hydrolysis, put potassium thiocyanate in the other beaker and dissolve in water. Take potassium thiocyanate solution with a cotton swab and smear it on the palm, take ferric chloride solution with a ruler, and lightly scratch on the palm, and observe the effect

Wiggler pepper oil experiment -- wiggler breathing pattern

Ingredients: wiggler, beaker, chili oil, distilled water, dropper

Procedure: Place the living larvae in a beaker filled with distilled water and watch it float to the surface to breathe. Pour part of the larvae (and some water, just enough to cover the larvae) into a beaker filled with chili oil and watch Pour in a second wave of larvae, more water, and watch Remove some of the water with an eyedropper and observe Muddy the water and observe

Luminol reaction

Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide solution, potassium ferricyanide, beaker, stirring stick, small spoon, alkaline solution, Luminol

Steps: Fill a beaker with hydrogen peroxide solution and mix with potassium ferricyanide In the other beaker, fill the alkaline solution with luminol and mix well Turn off the light Pour the solution from both beakers into an empty beaker at the same time and observe the reaction

Discolored bottle

Materials: Beaker, potassium permanganate, distilled water, alkaline sucrose (sucrose dissolved in alkaline solution)

Pour a mixture of alkaline solution and sucrose into a beaker containing a low concentration of potassium permanganate solution and observe the change of color

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