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ZX|墨之融Ink Fusion Club

Club Leader: G11 Omega Amy 苏禾, Jacqueline 杨星晢

Contact: 13651778301 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Thursday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Lydia陈燕


1) writing and painting

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

  1. 9/21: Introduce the basic knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting Purchase the tools to be used in class (brush, felt, ink, paper, ink stone, books, pigment, etc.)

  2. 9/28: Chinese calligraphy Teach students pen-holding skills and how to write strokes

  3. 10/5 National Day Holiday

  4. 10/12 Chinese painting Teach students the three basic ways to use a Chinese brush; and practice the stability

  5. 10/19 Chinese calligraphy Teach students how to write radicals in Chinese characters

  6. 10/26 Chinese painting Teach the students the fundamental colors of Chinese painting and how to mix the colors properly

  7. 11/2 Prepare for the mid-term exam

  8. 11/9 Mid-term exam

  9. 11/16 Chinese calligraphy Use Ouyang Xiu's calligraphy as a model to teach students to write the regular script

  10. 11/23 Chinese painting Have a try on painting fruits with Chinese painting skills

  11. 11/30 Chinese calligraphy Keep practicing the regular script

  12. 12/7 Chinese painting Have a try on painting flowers with Chinese painting skills

  13. 12/14 Chinese calligraphy Teach the students to write Spring Festival couplets together

  14. 12/21 Chinese painting Students are free to complete a Chinese painting of their choice

  15. 12/28 Prepare for the final exam

  16. 1/4 Final exam


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