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BS | Immunity in life 生活中的免疫

Club Leader: G10 Sigma Eason 周逸宸


Club Day: Thursday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Jamie Guo


1) Post or Poster

2) Speech

3) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Weekly Schedule

Third week

Orientation program where we will inform every member about epidemiology and immunology, and about our team spirit.

Fifth week

Invite the deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Jiaotong University School of Medicine, to give a lecture on immunology in the context of life.

Seventh week

The president of the club will give a lecture on "10 things related to immunity in life", and members will discuss with each other.

Ninth week

Activists in the club will give a lecture on immunity-related events in their lives, with a theme to be decided.

Twelfth week

A doctor from the oncology department of the Sixth Hospital will give a lecture on the topic of "The importance of immunity to health", with an interactive Q&A session.

Fourteenth week

Students will talk among themselves about how they have improved their immunity in their own lives and how people around them have improved their immunity.

Sixteenth week

Chat about the relationship between epidemics and immunization.

Eighteenth week

Delve into how vaccines work and how they work, and the consequences of not vaccinating already (*club members need to prepare in advance)

Twentieth week

Club members will work together to make plans for the upcoming semester.

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