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BS|Animation Analyzing Club漫研社

Club Leader: G10 Kappa Celine 邵彦榕

Club Day: Tuesday

Club Room: Normal

Club Supervisor: Anna Du 杜涓


1) Post or Poster / Article

2) Video

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Goal and Main Emphasize

Our club mainly analyzes the derivative works of the artist (such as the artist's books, paintings, etc.), to understand the artist's inner views and appeals to the society and history at that time or analyze the artistic expression methods of individuals and teams.

The results of the community's research will be presented in the form of posters, articles, or art collections.

Upcoming Events

We have first decided to analyze Isayama Hajime’s work which is a Japanese artist. For the first week, I have decided to have the introduction of the club, the ice-breaking, and the distribution of each member’s work.

We will divide into small groups and each group will research different aspects such as the author, the background of the story, how the outshot put the metaphor, et cetera.

For the first month to two months, we will finish the analysis of Isayama Hajime’s work and made a presentation, which may be shown in the form of a video or a poster. This is decided by our group members and the work we have done. Then we will vote to decide on the next project.

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