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BS | 商业产品分析社

Club Leader: G10 Delta Leven张乐雯 G10 Omega Annie赵芸

Contact: 19519129946 (Dingtalk)

Club Day: Thursday

Club Room: Normal classroom

Club Supervisor: Mr. Oliveira


1) Official accounts

Club Activities Planned for 2023-24 S1:

Firstly, we will vote and decide on a topic (a product) we want to analyze. It can be an app like TikTok or an object like a pad.

Then, we will do the product research online, about their customer group, market demand, and operating model.

After that, we will make a digital questionnaire and do some market research.

Finally, we will summarize the product, propose improvement suggestions to form an analysis report, and send them to the public account. We also have other forms of activities in the future like debating about two competing products. We'll also add business interviews to our activity, we’ve already got some resources for us to contact some successful businessmen in society.

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